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FSMB Leadership

Officers of the Board of Directors

Gregory B. Snyder, MD, DABR, Chair, Minnesota

Gregory B. Snyder, MD

Patricia A. King, MD, PhD, FACP, Chair-elect, Vermont Medical

Patricia A. King, MD, PhD
Vermont Medical

Arthur S. Hengerer, MD, FACS, Immediate Past Chair, New York PMC

Arthur S. Hengerer, MD
Immediate Past Chair
New York PMC

Ralph C. Loomis, MD, Treasurer, North Carolina

Ralph C. Loomis, MD
North Carolina

Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO, MS, MACP, FACOI, Secretary, FSMB President/CEO

Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO
FSMB President/CEO


Directors-at-Large and Associate Members

Jeffrey D. Carter, MD, Missouri

Jeffrey D. Carter MD

Jean L. Rexford, Connecticut

Jean L. Rexford 

Claudette E. Dalton, MD, Virginia

Claudette E. Dalton, MD

Kenneth B. Simons, MD, Wisconsin

Kenneth B. Simons, MD

Kathleen Haley, JD, Oregon

Kathleen Haley, JD

Scott A. Steingard, DO, Arizona Osteopathic

Scott A. Steingard, DO 
Arizona Osteopathic

Anna Z. Hayden, DO, Florida Osteopathic

Anna Z. Hayden, DO
Florida Osteopathic

Cheryl L. Walker-McGill, MD, MBA, North Carolina

Cheryl L. Walker-McGill, MD, MBA 
North Carolina

Jerry G. Landau, JD, Arizona Osteopathic

Jerry G. Landau, JD
Arizona Osteopathic

Michael D. Zanolli, MD, Tennessee Medical

Michael D. Zanolli, MD
Tennessee Medical

Ian Marquand, Montana

Ian Marquand



Executive Staff

Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO, MS, MACP, MACOI, President and Chief Executive Officer

Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO
President and Chief Executive Officer

David A. Johnson, MA, Senior Vice President, Assessment Services

David A. Johnson
Senior Vice President
Assessment Services 

Michael P. Dugan, MBA, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President for Operations

Michael P. Dugan, MBA
Chief Information Officer and
Senior Vice President for Operations

Todd Phillips, MBA, Chief Financial Officer 

Todd Phillips, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Eric M. Fish, JD, Senior Vice President, Legal Services

Eric M. Fish, JD
Senior Vice President
Legal Services

Lisa A. Robin, MLA, Chief Advocacy Officer

Lisa A. Robin
Chief Advocacy Officer