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Physicians and Credentialing Organizations

As postgraduate resident training programs close, the FSMB offers to permanently store the records for the primary source and permanently store the records for residents having attended the program. This ensures availability of the resident's records for future purposes of state licensure and hospital/health care privileges. The Federation has consulted with JCAHONCQAURAC and state medical boards and has determined that verification of a physician's credentials by the Federation on behalf of a closed program meets the primary source verification requirements of each of these organizations.

Visit this page to see a list of resident training programs that have submitted records to the Federation. You may also contact us at (817) 868-5162 or

Information stored for a resident includes details needed for credentialing verification such as: physician name, program name, dates of attendance, medical school affiliation, training level, training year, specialty, program director name and whether or not the training was successfully completed.


A fee of $60 is required to provide the information requested for the physician. Once the Resident Records and Credentials Request form and a Physician Authorization Form is received, you will receive an invoice via email.

Requesting Verification Records

  1. Download and complete the Resident Records and Credentials Request form with as much information as you have. Please include the Physician Authorization Form
  2. Email the form to