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Frequently asked questions regarding closed residency programs

In January 2002, FSMB contacted ACGME with concerns that when programs close the resident records are often difficult to locate or have been destroyed. The Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS), a division of the FSMB, performs credentialing verification for physicians seeking licensure. Once FCVS has collected the credentials of a physician, those records are permanently maintained and stored so the physician is able to access them whenever he or she wishes. Both the physician and FSMB become frustrated when his or her residency records are unobtainable and therefore, he or she cannot get licensed. At this time, ACGME agreed to allow us to post our message regarding records retention on their website. Read the full message here.

The Federation of State Medical Boards has been in existence since 1912. One of the largest functions the Federation performs is data retention and dissemination for our member state medical and osteopathic boards. It just seemed natural that our organization could retain the resident's records for future use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long should a resident program keep resident records? 
    Residency records should be kept for the life of the physician. Without primary source verification of a resident's records, the physician may end up unable to obtain a license or hospital privileges or a variety of other needs may go unmet. Many physicians continue to practice into their 80's and need access to their resident records.
  • Who will accept the Federation's verification of our resident's as being equivalent to primary source verification? 
    The Federation has consulted with JCAHONCQAURAC as well as state medical boards and has determined that verification of a physician's credentials by the Federation on behalf of a closed program does meet the primary source verification requirements of each of these organizations.
  • What other issues should I keep in mind for closure of the residency program? 
    For more information, read "What to Do When Faced With the Closure of a Family Practice Residency."

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