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Online eNotary Instructions


FCVS requires two notarized forms:

  • Affidavit & Release
  • Certification of Identification (CID)


NotaryCam provides convenient, on-line access to professionally licensed and certified notaries, and sends the documents directly to FCVS. (The forms are hosted on the NotaryCam site.) Using NotaryCam will expedite the processing of your FCVS profile and help prevent the rejection of your FCVS forms. In addition, NotaryCam eliminates the need for you to visit a notary in person and to mail your Affidavit and CID to FCVS.

See what FCVS applicants are saying about NotaryCam:

  • Super quick. Super easy. Done in 5 minutes from my couch. Thanks. – C.S.
  • Fast Service, convenient, easy to use software. Glad that this service is now available. – E.B.
  • This service was a huge time saver. The notary was professional and friendly. The whole process was very efficient. The price was very reasonable as well. I would definitely use the service again. – D.R.

Additional fees apply, and are independent of FSMB/FCVS fees.

NOTE: Online notaries cannot use a birth certificate as a form of identification. To use this service you must present your current, Valid Passport.

Physicians applying for licensure at the Oregon Medical Board or Vermont Board of Medical Practice may only utilize this electronic process to complete the Affidavit & Release, but NOT the Certification of Identification. Please refer to the Traditional Notary Instructions for additional information.


System Requirements
NotaryCam clients must use Google Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam.

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