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SPEX Testing and Score Reporting

Preparing for your exam and what to expect on test day

Preparing for SPEX

The most appropriate preparation for the SPEX is a review of up-to-date textbooks, clinical review publications and periodicals.  The following practice materials are also available to help you become familiar with the question formats used in SPEX:

  • Practice test – paper & pencil, self-timed practice exam; includes answers & answer sheet; free (no fees)
  • Comprehensive Clinical Medicine Self-Assessment (CCMSA) – computer-based; timed and untimed formats available; small fee; will also help you become familiar with how to navigate the examination.

Admission to the Exam

  • Please arrive at the test center 30 minutes before your scheduled testing time. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the scheduled testing time, you will not be admitted.
  • The identity of each examinee is verified before admission to the examination room. You must present your SPEX Scheduling Permit and an unexpired, government-issued identification form that includes both your photograph and your signature, such as a driver’s license with photograph, passport, or national identity card. Your name on your Scheduling Permit must match exactly with the name on the identification.
  • If the name listed on the Scheduling Permit is not correct or does not match the identification form you take (or plan to take) to the test center, contact us immediately at (817) 868-4041 or

Taking the Exam

  • The SPEX is administered via computer and consists of three separately timed components – a pre-exam tutorial (optional), the examination, and, if time is available, a post-exam survey (also optional).
  • The examination is divided into seven blocks; each block is 64 minutes and contains 48 questions.
  • You should try to answer every test item as there is no penalty for guessing.
  • If you leave the test center before completing the exam, the administration will be considered incomplete, which may affect reexamination procedures.
  • The test session ends when all blocks have been completed or the total time for the test expires.
  • Break time:  45 minutes of the total testing time are allotted for break time and can be divided in any manner you prefer. If you complete a block of the test or tutorial early, the remaining time will be available for breaks only; it will not be available to complete other test blocks. During the exam, you should monitor how many blocks and how much break time is remaining. If you take too much break time and exceed the allocated or accumulated break time, your time to complete the last block(s) in the testing session will be reduced.

Score Reporting

  • Timeframe: Scores are released approximately two to four weeks after the exam date.
  • Board-sponsored examinees: Scores are reported to the examinee and the sponsoring board.
  • Self-nominated examinees: Scores are reported only to the examinee. Self-nominated examinees can request that their scores be reported to a state licensing board by submitting a transcript request and the appropriate fees.
  • Duplicate Score Reports: If you do not receive your original score report, you may request a duplicate score report up to 90 days after the score report release date. To request a duplicate score report, you must submit a signed letter to the FSMB at or at the physical address below. If more than 90 days have passed since the score report release date, you will have to submit an official transcript request and pay the appropriate fee.

Federation of State Medical Boards
400 Fuller Wiser Road
Euless, TX 76039


  • Limited to three attempts within a 12-month period
  • Second attempt: No waiting period from previous attempt
  • Third attempt: Mandatory 90-day waiting period from the previous attempt.
  • Fourth and subsequent attempts: One-year waiting period from the initial attempt.

Note:  Board-sponsored examinees, at the sponsoring board's discretion, may not be subject to the same waiting periods. Any additional reexamination eligibility requirements and procedures are set by the individual licensing boards.