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Score Reporting

SPEX scores are released approximately two to four weeks after the exam has been taken. Scores are reported by mail on an official score report and will not be given out over the telephone, fax, or email.

Scores for board-sponsored examinees are reported directly to the examinee and to the licensing board for which the SPEX is taken. In some instances, examinees' scores are mailed to the licensing board and the licensing board forwards the score results to the examinees.

Scores for self-nominated examinees are reported only to the examinee. Self-nominated candidates can request that their scores be reported to a state licensing board by submitting a transcript request and the appropriate fees.

Duplicate Score Reports
If you do not receive your original score report, a request for a duplicate score report will be honored up to 90 days after the score report release date. To request a duplicate score report, you must submit a signed letter, either by mail or by fax, to the FSMB at the address or fax number below. If more than 90 days have passed since the score report release date, you will have to submit an official transcript request and pay the appropriate fee.

Federation of State Medical Boards
400 Fuller Wiser Road, Suite 300
Euless, TX 76039

Fax: (817) 868-4098

The FSMB maintains a databank of all SPEX scores to facilitate licensure endorsement among jurisdictions. You may request that certified transcripts of your SPEX scores be forwarded to the licensing boards which you are seeking licensure, to appropriate credentialing agencies or organizations, or to yourself. Requests must be made through the online transcript request application and be accompanied by the appropriate fees. Certified transcripts of SPEX scores provided to the licensing boards by the FSMB list all SPEX scores achieved for a given examinee.

Recommended Pass
SPEX scores are reported on a two-digit scale by which a score of 75 is the minimum pass-point recommended for use by licensing boards. Generally, passing SPEX scores are accepted by a licensing board regardless of the jurisdiction for which the exam is taken. However, because each board establishes its own pass/fail score requirements as well as other specific requirements for licensure, it is recommended that you contact the board from which you desire licensure to confirm their acceptance of SPEX.







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