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Education Offerings

FSMB offers a variety of educational forums for both state board staff and board members

FSMB Education Offerings

The FSMB is committed to helping member medical and osteopathic boards carry out their duties as regulators of the medical profession. In doing such, the FSMB offers a varied range of workshops, educational forums and programs for both medical and osteopathic board staff and board members, including:

Annual Meeting

The FSMB Annual Meeting is the premier educational forum offered to the medical regulatory community, which includes physicians and public representatives from state medical and osteopathic boards and members of their staffs, influential federal and state government representatives, and leaders of national medical organizations. The Annual Meeting is comprised of an intensive three-day program that brings together national experts in the field of medical licensure and discipline to discuss a wide range of subjects relevant to medical regulators.


FSMB Roundtable

The Federation Roundtable is a program of monthly conference calls that facilitates communication among member medical and osteopathic boards and FSMB staff. The calls are sponsored by the FSMB and the agenda is developed with input from member boards. These calls provide regular opportunities for member boards to communicate among themselves on current issues, public policy and legislative trends.

New Executive Orientation

This interactive one-day activity is designed for board staff members who are responsible for the management of a board's daily tasks and have been in their position for less than a year or have not attended the program in the past. Attendees will explore the services the FSMB offers its membership through presentations, demonstrations, and tours. The orientation is provided to members at no cost.

Board Attorneys Workshop

Designed specifically for attorneys and legal staff of state medical and osteopathic boards, including individuals involved with the investigation and prosecution of physician licensure and disciplinary cases, the FSMB's Board Attorneys Workshop provides participants with the opportunity to share and exchange valuable information on case experiences, best practices and current issues pertinent to board attorneys.