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Affidavit/CID Forms - Notary Options

FCVS accepts CID/Affidavit forms signed by an electronic/online notary.

FCVS Remote Online Notary Instructions

FCVS requires two notarized forms: 

  • Affidavit & Release
  • Certification of Identification (CID) 

For this service, here’s what you will need:

  • Have an electronic copy of these required documents ready to upload.
    • A copy of your Identification Document (Birth Certificate or Passport)
    • A color photo of yourself in one of the following file formats
      • Jpg, png, bmp
  • For the notary session, you will need a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet ONLY!!!
    • Please do not use a mobile phone for the notary session
    • Must have a working camera, microphone, and speakers
    • System requirements can be found here
  • For the identity verification process, have the following ready to upload:
    • You must have a US Social Security Number in order to pass the ID Verification
    • You must have an address in the US or US Territories and no P.O. Boxes allowed
    • A valid government–issued photo ID. State ID, driver’s license, or US passport (no passport cards)
    • If you do not have one of the Government issued ID documents listed above, please review the ID requirements on the DocuSign website by clicking here
    • A mobile device ready to take a photo of this ID


  1. You will receive an email from DocuSign, 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment, on the day of your appointment. Please check your SPAM or JUNK inboxes, if you do not receive the email in your Inbox at your set appointment time.
  2. Complete the process with your Notary. This process could take between 15 and 30 minutes.
  3. Done!
  • If you wish to cancel or reschedule your scheduled Notary Time, please locate the email confirmation, and select Cancel or Reschedule at the bottom of the email.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, your appointment will be cancelled, and you will need to reschedule.
  • Please do not schedule multiple appointment times. 

‎ ‎Note: Additional Fees apply for Notary Sessions.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Experience Team at 888-275-3287. 

Online eNotary Services

There are various electronic notary services that provide convenient online access to professionally certified and licensed notaries. Using these services, notaries will expedite the processing of your FCVS documents. In addition, the online notary service eliminates the need to visit an in-person notary and provides a secure, alternative to mailing your Affidavit and CID.

Please visit your online Secretary of State official website or conduct an online search to locate an eNotary service.

System Requirements:

Many online eNotary services require the use of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari with video and audio capabilities.


A traditional notary is accepted. Forms and specific instructions about this process may be printed from the Documents section of the FCVS Application.