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Transcript Overview

Transcript request, processing and delivery

Transcript Overview

FSMB produces official transcripts for the FLEX, SPEX, and USMLE Steps 1, 2 CK & CS, and 3 examinations only.  Please review the Transcripts FAQs if you need scores for other examinations (NBME, NBOME, COMLEX-USA, State Board Exams, LMCC). 

If you have not registered for or taken USMLE Step 3 and want your transcript sent to anyone other than a medical licensing authority, you must submit your request through the same entity that registered you for Step 1 and/or Step 2 (ECFMG or NBME).

Once you register for or take USMLE Step 3, all requests (with the following exception) for USMLE transcripts must be submitted through the FSMB.  Exception: If you have taken any component of the NBME Parts Exam in conjunction with another exam (e.g., NBME Part(s), plus USMLE; or NBME Part(s), plus FLEX), you must request the transcripts from the NBME.

All exam scores are confidential; therefore, an official transcript request must be submitted in order for FSMB to provide your transcript to you or to a third party. 

The official transcript includes: biographical information; a complete history of scores (including incomplete attempts) for the designated examination(s); information regarding findings of irregular behavior and actions reported to the FSMB; and, if applicable, an indication of any board action reported to the FSMB by a state board or other regulatory agency.

Transcript Fees

You may request up to two transcripts for each $70 fee, regardless of which and how many examinations (USMLE, FLEX, and/or SPEX) you are requesting scores for. For example, the cost for 1-2 transcripts is $70, 3-4 transcripts cost $140, 5-6 transcripts cost $210, etc. Once a transcript request is received, transcripts will only be sent to the recipient(s) listed on the request; the recipient(s) cannot be changed and additional recipients cannot be added later. 

Most state boards receive transcripts electronically. For boards that do not receive transcripts electronically and for all other recipients (e.g., yourself or other individuals, residency programs), express shipping is available for an additional $25 per recipient. See the “Method of Delivery” section below for additional information.

Processing Time

All requests are processed as they are received. FSMB issues transcripts within five business days of receiving the completed transcript request and appropriate fee. The FSMB will not hold a transcript request pending the release of scores at a later date. If you have recently taken an exam and need that score to appear on your transcript, do not send the request until you have received your official score report for that exam.

Method of Delivery 

Most state boards receive official transcripts in electronic format via a secure website. The following boards (table below) receive electronic transcripts. For boards that do not receive transcripts electronically and for all other recipients (e.g., yourself or other individuals, residency programs), transcripts are sent via First-Class Mail unless Express shipping is requested. Please be advised that the U.S. Postal Service does NOT guarantee the timing of delivery for First-Class Mail. We recommend you utilize the Express shipping option to guarantee delivery of your transcript in a timely manner. Express shipping is an additional $25 per recipient and is only available to addresses within the U.S. and its territories. Express shipping does not deliver to P.O. Box addresses.


State Boards Currently Receiving Electronic Transcripts
Alabama Florida-Medical  Louisiana Nebraska Ohio Virginia
Alaska Georgia Maine-Medical Nevada-Medical  Oklahoma-Medical Washington-Medical
Arizona-Medical Hawaii Maryland Nevada-Osteo Oregon West Virginia-Medical
Arkansas Idaho Massachusetts  New Hampshire  Pennsylvania-Medical Wisconsin
California-Medical Illinois Michigan-Medical  New Jersey Rhode Island College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta
Colorado Indiana Minnesota New Mexico South Dakota  
Connecticut Iowa Mississippi New York Tennessee-Medical  
Delaware Kansas Missouri North Carolina Texas  
DC Kentucky Montana North Dakota Virgin Islands   

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