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Uniform Application


The Uniform Application for Physician State Licensure (UA) is an integral part of the FSMB’s License Portability Project. It was developed by a workgroup of medical board representatives to standardize, simplify, and streamline the licensure application process.

A physician using the UA can send the same core licensure application to more than one state medical board instead of entering the same data in multiple applications. Licensure and examination information already residing in the FSMB system will pre-fill those pages of the UA. Core application information includes a chronology of activities from medical school graduation to the present and all malpractice claims.

State-specific information not included in the core application that is required by individual medical boards is collected separately through an addendum, forms, and/or other materials. A one-time service charge collected by FSMB during the first UA submission sustains secure data storage within the UA repository throughout the physician’s career.

State medical boards that use the UA receive a copy of each physician’s state licensure and disciplinary history along with the core application information. Boards often realize a significant time savings from the ease of processing applications with standardized system data, particularly when the UA Web Service is used in conjunction with a state’s existing electronic licensure system. This efficiency can enhance a board’s capabilities for expedited licensure, disaster response credentialing, and telemedicine.