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FSMB Launches Virtual Education Program

(FSMB) has announced its" target="_blank">FSMB 2020 Virtual ... Virtual Education Program – a series of online presentations on topics of interest to medical

Information For Consumers

information on their individual state websites through online “physician profiles.” At a minimum, medical board ... is also notified.  5. The case is given medical review. Investigators for the board determine whether

About Physician Licensure

somewhat between jurisdictions, state medical boards review the credentials of applicants and look closely ... query the FSMB’s disciplinary data bank and closely review the physician’s responses to questions on the licensure

FSMB Awards

 Kathryn Hill, MEd, (Individual nonmember)  2005   Mark R. Yessian, PhD, Massachusetts    Deanna Zychowski, Wisconsin ...  Jordan H. Cohen, MD, District of Columbia   John R. Gimpel, DO, MEd, (Individual nonmember)    Peter