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PLAS Assessment Collaborators

following national assessment programs to assist them in conducting comprehensive, tailored assessments of ... other healthcare entity). The Center for Personalized Education for Professionals (CPEP)  Drexel Medicine®

SPEX Announcements

multiple-choice examination of current knowledge requisite for the general, undifferentiated practice of medicine ... level of basic medical knowledge and is intended for physicians who currently hold, or who have previously

Affidavit Forms - Notary Options

Affidavit Forms - Notary Options Online eNotary Instructions  UA requires the following forms: Affidavit ... will securely and legally notarize these forms online, and send them directly to the state medical boards

Privacy Policy

United States, Inc. (the "Company") strongly believes in maintaining the privacy of nonpublic personal information ... information we collect through the various online services available on our website. We want you to understand

Transcripts FAQ

In response to COVID-19, the FSMB is providing official USMLE, FLEX, and SPEX transcripts to all entities ... entities and individuals in an electronic (PDF) format. State Boards – State medical and osteopathic boards

PLAS Assessment Resources

clinical judgment and patient management skills in his or her current or intended area of practice. ... simulations (CCS). A listing of these assessments is provided below. Physicians preparing for assessments


unstricted medical license in the U.S. or Canada in order to apply for SPEX.  If you have a current ... active, unrestricted license to practice medicine in the U.S. or Canada, you can take the SPEX via the