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Apply for Membership

Apply for Membership In addition to its state medical board membership, the FSMB provides several categories ... categories of membership for organizations and individuals interested in medical regulatory issues. These

Understanding Medical Regulation in the United States

Understanding Medical Regulation in the United States A special educational program for new members of state medical ... service roles an individual can play at the state level in the United States is serving on a state medical board


FSMB's Virtual Education Program Learn More New Online Series about Medical Regulation Learn More CME ... State Medical Boards Common Reasons Physicians Get in Trouble Understanding and Navigating the Medical

Critical Announcements

ANNOUNCEMENTS Step 3 Score Delay  Scores for most examinees taking Step 3 in early 2023 will be released March ... item pool will result in a delay in reporting Step 3 scores for examinees who test in early 2023. The target

Reentry to Practice

The goal of the Special Committee’s Report and 12 Reentry Guidelines ... framework of common standards and conceptual processes for physician and physician assistant reentry.


UA FAQ UA FAQ for Medical Professionals What is the difference between the Federation Credentials Verification ... sources. This profile of verified credentials is stored in a permanent repository that can be updated and sent