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FSMB Launches Virtual Education Program

(FSMB) has announced its" target="_blank">FSMB 2020 Virtual ... Virtual Education Program – a series of online presentations on topics of interest to medical

Affidavit/CID Forms - Notary Options

accepts CID/Affidavit forms signed by an electronic/online notary. Online eNotary Instructions   FCVS requires ... electronic notary services that provide convenient online access to professionally certified and licensed

Physician Profiling - Profile Guide

This report provides recommendations on the data elements that should ... be included by medical boards on an online physician profile and discusses variables

Licensure Verification Information

If you are using the Uniform Application to apply for licensure, the Licensure Verification Form (Form #1)can be used as a written request.

Affidavit Forms - Notary Options

Affidavit Forms - Notary Options Online eNotary Instructions  UA requires the following forms: Affidavit ... NotaryCam is an electronic notary service that will securely and legally notarize these forms online, and send

Apply for Membership

otherwise eligible for FSMB membership may become an Affiliate Member of the FSMB upon approval of its ... the medical regulatory community. Access to free online CME offerings. Access to FSMB Roundtable “boards

Privacy Policy

personal information we collect through the various online services available on our website. We want you ... the FSMB has no control over the entities to which an applicant authorizes the release of FCVS materials