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COVID Updates

July 16:

  • SPEX Certification of Identity (CID) Forms
    • FSMB is now accepting electronic signatures and electronic/remote notarization of the SPEX CID form.
    • FSMB is also accepting completed CID forms via email at Due to COVID-19, we are in the office on a very limited basis, and it will be several days to a week before we are able to obtain and process your CID if it is mailed to our offices. Please contact us at or (817) 868-4041 if you are not able to scan & email your completed CID to us.  
    • The SPEX CID is not an application for SPEX. You must ALSO submit an online SPEX application and fees before we can complete your SPEX registration.
    • A CID is required for all SPEX applications unless a valid one is already on file. Approved CIDs from prior SPEX applications are valid for 5 years from the date of notarization. If you need to reapply for SPEX during that 5-year period, it is not necessary to submit a new CID.
  • Prometric Phones Open Again
    • Prometric has re-opened its phone lines (1-800-MED-EXAM); however, please expect long hold times.
  • COVID-19 resources and information for examinees
  • Testing
    • SPEX testing has resumed at most Prometric testing centers.
    • Prometric has continued to expand capacity at its testing centers. However, you may still experience difficulty in finding a seat in the near future; we encourage you to check the Prometric website ( frequently for dates that best fit your schedule. Currently, there are no fees for rescheduling.
    • Masks, (surgical or cloth) must be worn while testing. Masks with exhale/one-way valves are prohibited to use at the testing center, due to the lack of viral particle filtration provided by these masks. If you arrive at the test center without a mask, you will not be allowed to test, you will be marked as a “no show,” and you will not be eligible for a free reschedule. Consider bringing more than one mask to have during your test day to ensure your comfort and in case something should happen with your original mask.
    • Do not feel compelled to test if you do not feel well or if you do not feel ready or prepared to test. All eligibility periods are being extended through December 31, 2020.  
    • A listing of site openings is available on the Prometric website at:
    • Before testing, be sure to review Prometric’s social distancing policies that apply at all test centers in North America. You may also find the FAQs helpful.
  • Issues with Scheduling, Rescheduling, etc.
    • We are hearing that finding available exam dates is difficult and that, in some areas, there are not open dates until September 2020 or later. Unfortunately, we are not able to schedule or reschedule your exam for you, or to prioritize your examination above any other examinee’s. The best guidance we can provide right now is to check the Prometric website for open centers and seat availability ( as frequently as possible. We have heard that new testing dates are becoming available periodically, even some that were previously unavailable.  
    • When scheduling or rescheduling your test dates on the Prometric website, be sure to enter your information (name, candidate ID) in order to see the most accurate test center and date availability. If you search Prometric’s website for open dates without inputting your information, you will see ALL dates where that center has ANY availability for testing (that is, you will see availability for any exams, not just SPEX). Just because a center has availability does not mean that it has availability to accommodate SPEX (i.e., a 6-hour exam). Inputting your name and Candidate ID will ensure you are only seeing dates where that Prometric center can accommodate your SPEX exam.
    • If you have any questions or would like to make sure we are aware of the issues examinees are experiencing with Prometric and/or file a complaint about what is occurring, please contact us at (817) 868-4041 or so that we can have your situation on file and share it with staff responsible for communicating and coordinating issues directly with Prometric. We have been and continue to be in daily contact with Prometric to represent and communicate examinees’ needs and issues.
  • Eligibility Periods
    • All 2020 eligibility periods are being extended to end on December 31, 2020. If your eligibility period is not through December 31, 2020, please contact us at (817) 868-4041 or and ask for your eligibility to be extended through the end of the year. The eligibility will be extended for free.
    • If you need additional time beyond December 31, 2020, please contact us and we will further extend your eligibility period through June 30, 2021. Your eligibility periods will be extended for free and will not require you to do anything. You will be notified via email with a new scheduling permit once your eligibility period has been extended.  
    • If your eligibility period is extended through June 30, 2021, please keep in mind that you will not be able to schedule a test date more than 6 months in advance. This restriction has always been in place with Prometric and has not been changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, for example, if you receive your new permit (with your eligibility extended through June 30, 2021) in August 2020, you will not be able to schedule a test date beyond February 2021.