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Tips for Applying

The FCVS application is NOT the same as an application for state licensure

Apply early!

The verification process is dependent on the timely and complete responses of medical schools and training programs. FCVS strives to provide the most efficient application experience possible; however, we cannot guarantee how long it will take to process your application. Because unforeseen delays can occur during the credentialing process, FCVS encourages applicants to complete their FCVS application six months before they need their FCVS profile submitted to the state medical board for licensure.

State Licensure/State Applications
FCVS does not issue medical licenses --  this function is performed only by state licensing authorities. Furthermore, the FCVS application is NOT the same as an application for state licensure. Each state licensing authority will most likely require information and verification of credentials in addition to those verified by FCVS, and have its own application for licensure. Many state boards accept or require the Uniform Application. Please visit your designated board(s) website to view their specific application and requirements.

Application Documents and Forms  
Please submit all required documents to FCVS as soon as possible. The Affidavit & Release and Certification of Identification forms may be submitted electronically using online E-Notary service or mailed to FCVS if using traditional notary service. All other required forms and documents may be scanned and uploaded in your application. Release forms are required before verification requests may be initiated.

Communicating with Your Team
The primary mode of communication between FCVS and the applicant is through email. You will be notified via email with status updates on the progress of your application. To avoid FCVS emails going to spam, please add to your email address book.

Edit a Submitted Application
You may edit your profile at any time. If you edit your information while your application is being processed, the new information will not be updated on the current application until you advise FCVS of the changes. Please contact a Customer Support Representative at 888-ASK-FCVS Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST for assistance if you want to add/correct/delete any information entered in your application.

Oversized Diplomas

FCVS requires you to submit a photocopy of your diploma that is sized 8.5" x 11". Options for having your diploma reduced to this size include the following:

  • Many universities offer to replace your diploma in a smaller size for a nominal fee. Contact your school’s Office of the Registrar to find out if your university offers this service.
  • FedEx offers services that include scanning to make reductions of your larger format documents. Most FedEx locations can scan documents that are up to 36” wide and not mounted or framed.