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Practitioner Direct

Practitioner Direct allows physicians to submit a PDC Profile electronically to a state medical board. The FSMB PDC Profile is used by medical boards for licensure purposes and includes licensure and disciplinary information. There is no fee for this request.

The PDC Profile does not contain your USMLE Exam Scores. To request a copy of your USMLE Exam Scores, please visit

If you are applying for licensure in one of the states that requires physicians to use the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS), please contact FCVS Support at

For more information about licensing boards that require FCVS, please click here.

To submit your Practitioner Direct request for PDC Profile, please click here. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when completed.

Practitioner Direct will also allow physicians to submit an NPDB report electronically to participating state medical boards. This eliminates the need for you to process, receive and manually mail this report from NPDB to a board. This will save you valuable time during your licensure process.