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Member Resources

FSMB’s top priority is supporting state medical boards in their critical mission of public protection.

In these videos, we briefly summarize the many resources and benefits FSMB provides to medical boards and their members and staff as they diligently work to protect patients and enhance healthcare. 

Welcome to FSMB

FSMB membership provides state medical board members and staff with vital support to help boards achieve their mission of public protection. Talented and highly-trained FSMB staff provide support in the areas of:  

Licensure and disciplinary data



Physician assessment

• Research and technology

• Advocacy and policy

Advocacy, Policy, and Communications

FSMB’s Washington, D.C.-based staff supports state medical boards in achieving their policy goals and educates lawmakers on the crucial role of medical regulation in health care.

• Provides letters or testimony to support member boards on proposed legislation.

• Actively tracks state and federal legislation relevant to medical regulators and provides regular summaries to member boards.

• Solicits input from boards on FSMB policies impacting health care and medical regulation.

• Provides board-by-board overviews on structure, composition, and policies

• Provides public relations support to member boards.

• Provides regular bulletins on news impacting medical regulation.

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Technology and Information Services

FSMB’s Information Services team provides creative, customized solutions to assist member boards in overcoming various technological and resource challenges.

• Assists member boards in updating and installing licensing platforms to improve efficiency.

• Provides technological solutions such as enhanced web services, API, and data integration.

• Manages access to the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS), one of the nation’s premier credentialing providers.

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Educational Programming

FSMB’s Education Services team provides tools and resources to help improve the quality of medical regulation and enhance the sharing of best practices among member boards.

• Provides high-quality, in-person and virtual programming designed specifically for medical regulators.

• Offers on-demand CME on an array of medical regulatory topics.

• Organizes the FSMB Annual Meeting, a forum for U.S. and international medical regulators from to share best practices and learn from industry colleagues.

• Provides scholarships for state board members and staff to attend the FSMB Annual Meeting.

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Assessment Services

FSMB’s Assessment Services team supports the administration of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), co-sponsored by NBME, ensuring that all physicians are held to a common standard and have the required competencies to obtain a license to practice medicine in the U.S.

• Assists member boards in making informed licensing decisions with the USMLE, a high-quality, standardized assessment tool.

• Provides documentation of the successful completion of the exam series through the USMLE transcript—accessed by state medical boards through a secure web portal.

• Facilitates opportunities for medical regulators to server as subject matter experts in developing the USMLE as assessments.

• Offers the Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) on general medical knowledge to assist member boards in assessing physicians seeking re-entry to practice after a period of inactivity or licensure by endorsement.

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Licensing and Disciplinary Data

FSMB’s Physician Data Center (PDC) provides access to one of the nation’s most robust repositories of health-provider data, with licensure, disciplinary, and demographic information on more than one million physicians and physician assistants/associates.

• Provides access to a centralized database with the most complete and up-to-date picture of a physician’s licensure history, specialty certification, and disciplinary actions taken by a state medical board.

• Supplies member boards with daily notifications through the Disciplinary Alert Service when a physician licensed in their state is disciplined in another jurisdiction.

• Provides the public access to DocInfo, a free physician search tool powered by PDC's licensure and disciplinary data.

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