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Technology Spotlight

The FSMB Technology Spotlight is designed to assist and inform our member boards regarding emerging technologies. Our latest spotlight focuses on digital credentials in the context of healthcare. We look forward to advancing this conversation with our members. 

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Healthcare and Digital Credentials

Digital Signatures, Open Badges and Blockchain technology in the licensing and credentialing workflow

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Blockchain diagram


Through the use of blockchain technology, we are enabling the use of trustless verification. This diagram shows how this is achieved.

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Blockchain Video Series

Step 1

Issuer Sends Invitation

Issuers invite recipients to receive a Blockchain credential.

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Step 4

Issuer Sends GME Certificate

The Issuer sends the Recipient's GME certificate using the “Learning Machine” portal. 

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Step 7

Recipient Shares Certificates

The Recipient shares certificates with the Verifier from the “Blockcerts” wallet.

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Certificate URL Is Tamper-Proof

The URL for the issued certificate is tamper-proof.

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Step 2

Recipient Creates Account Adds Issuer

The Recipient creates a “Blockcerts” account and accepts the invitation.

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Step 5

Recipient Adds MedEd Certificate

The Recipient adds the MedEd certificate to their “Blockcerts” wallet.

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Step 8

Verifier Validates Certificates

The Verifier checks and validates the certificates.

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Certificate File is Tamper-Proof

The file for the issued certificate is tamper-proof.

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Step 3

Issuer Sends Medical Education Certificate

The Issuer sends the Recipient's MedEd certificate using the “Learning Machine” portal. 

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Step 6

Recipient Adds GME Certificate

The Recipient adds the GME certificate to their “Blockcerts” wallet. 

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Step 9

Verifier Saves Certificates as a PDF

The Verifier may choose to download and save the certificates as a PDF. 

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FSMB Media

Recording session

Podcast - Future of Medical Licensing

Host Cameron D’Ambrosi of OWI joins FSMB CIO Michael Dugan and Senior Director of Legal Services Eric Fish to discuss the challenges of ensuring accurate licensing records for doctors, and promising blockchain technology pilot programs helping to drive future advances.

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Recording equipment

Podcast - Hashed Health

Host Philip Clothiaux of Hashed Health joins Michael Dugan and Eric Fish to discuss blockchain’s future in regulation, including its potential to address credentialing and licensing redundancies, as well as the state of blockchain at FSMB. 

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Blockchain presentation slide


April 2018 - FSMB hosts Roundtable Webinar on Physician Credentialing and Blockchain Technology

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