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SPEX Application

Prometric.  APPLICATION:  Apply for SPEX via the online application system. If you are a new user, you ... within 5-7 business days after we 1) receive your online application (with fees) and CID and 2) verify you


and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for an online webinar. A year of growth and innovation in service ... photos and statistics. JMR is a quarterly, peer-reviewed scholarly publication that explores trends and

Information For Consumers

information on their individual state websites through online “physician profiles.” At a minimum, medical board ... is also notified.  5. The case is given medical review. Investigators for the board determine whether

PDC Query Services

PDC Query Services Credentialing Made Easy Finding reliable, trusted sources can be ... More Value, Less Hassle The PDC features a simple, online search and reporting capabilities, including: Instant

UA Fees and Process

UA Fees and Process The Uniform Application has a onetime non-refundable fee of $60 for the ... directed. In addition to completing the core UA online: Refer to the State Instructions included in the