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Paper SPEX Practice Test (free)

The FSMB provides the SPEX Information Bulletin and a free, paper and pencil practice test that should provide familiarity with the formats used in the exam.

Transcripts Overview

In response to COVID-19, the FSMB is providing official USMLE, FLEX, and SPEX transcripts to all entities ... than state boards and individuals other than Self (e.g., residency program, hospital, employer, parents) –

Physician Discipline

Physician’s ability to practice medicine is limited (e.g., loss of prescribing privileges). License revoked: ... disciplinary action, the nature of the action (e.g., license revocation or suspension) and why the board

PLAS Assessment Collaborators

assessment via self-referral or third-party referral (e.g., state medical board, physician practice, hospital ... Segren E-mail: Website: Program: Length: 3-5 days  

FSMB Annual Report

As the FSMB looks back on another past year of service to the nation's state medical and osteopathic boards, we are pleased to note that many of our most important strategic initiatives,