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Addressing Physician Mental Health & Burnout Awareness of high rates of physician burnout, ... Unattended distress has ramifications for physicians as well as the health care industry and patient safety.

FSMB Testifies in Opposition to Pennsylvania HB 1741

effective state medical boards. Accordingly, the FSMB is well positioned to comment on HB 1741. State medical ... processes, investigative and adjudicatory processes as well as providing guidance for licensees on best practices


FSMB Education Services provides educational tools and resources that enhance the quality of medical ... functions and mission of state medical boards as well as the legal foundations of state-based medical

Technology Spotlight

The FSMB Technology Spotlight is designed to assist and inform ... address credentialing and licensing redundancies, as well as the state of blockchain at FSMB.  Listen to Podcast

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Where do you get the information in your profiles? Our data comes ... guide to walk you through creating your account, as well as instructions on how to query, view and print

FSMB: Maryland Bill Limits Patient Rights

FSMB: Maryland Bill Limits Patient Rights Senate Bill 372 reduces transparency; requires ... valuable information to state medical boards, as well as deny the public its right to know the full disciplinary