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Closed Programs Request

The FSMB is a leading repository of comprehensive primary source data for closed programs and medical staff affiliation.

BEST Module Text Intro to Medical Regulation

The FSMB has launched “Understanding Medical Regulation in the United States”, a series of online multi-media educational modules designed for new members of state medical boards to help

FSMB Disclosure Policy

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) requires all instructors, planners, reviewers, managers, and other individuals in a position to control or influence the content of an activity

2020 Grant Guidelines & Funding Criteria

The FSMB Foundation is accepting grant requests for nonprofit project funding. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations that conduct research and education-related projects

Paper SPEX Practice Test (free)

The FSMB provides the SPEX Information Bulletin and a free, paper and pencil practice test that should provide familiarity with the formats used in the exam.

Technology Spotlight

The FSMB Technology Spotlight is designed to assist and inform our member boards regarding emerging technologies.

Critical Announcements

Critical Announcements STEP 3 SITE All USMLE Step 3-related processes are accessible via the Step 3 site: Apply for Step 3 Submit your Step 3 Certification of Identity (CID) form Update your

Credentials Verification Process

Credentials Verification Process In order to create a verified credentials portfolio, the FCVS team works with the appropriate education and training institutions to verify the credentials listed