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credentials listed within a licensure application. An FCVS profile is created when a physician’s credentials ... boards as needed throughout a physician’s career. An initial application with FCVS is used to create the

Tips for Applying

Applications The FCVS application is NOT the same as an application for state licensure. FCVS does not issue ... Identification forms may be submitted electronically using online E-Notary service or mailed to FCVS if using a traditional

Harris Poll Executive Summary

Our aim in conducting the State Medical Boards Awareness Study was to measure national awareness of state medical boards, as well as gain insights on Americans’ experiences

Healthcare and Digital Credentials

This report was created by FSMB staff along with technical expertise from Learning Machine, the company that partnered with the FSMB on its 2017-2018 blockchain pilot projects.

About Physician Licensure

candidates for physician licensure have obtained an MD or DO degree. For most medical education programs ... Osteopathic College Accreditation (AOA COCA). It should be noted that acquisition of an MD or DO degree