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GME Closed Programs FAQ

GME Closed Programs FAQ Frequently Asked Questions How long should a resident program keep ... Federation has consulted with JCAHO, NCQA, URAC as well as state medical boards and has determined that

Industry News

Addressing Physician Mental Health & Burnout Awareness of high rates of physician burnout, ... Unattended distress has ramifications for physicians as well as the health care industry and patient safety.

FSMB Annual Report

As the FSMB looks back on another past year of service to the nation's state medical and osteopathic boards, we are pleased to note that many of our most important strategic initiatives,

FSMB Testifies in Opposition to Pennsylvania HB 1741

effective state medical boards. Accordingly, the FSMB is well positioned to comment on HB 1741. State medical ... processes, investigative and adjudicatory processes as well as providing guidance for licensees on best practices