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Affidavit Forms - Notary Options

Online eNotary Instructions

 UA requires the following forms:

  • Affidavit & Release

There are various electronic notary services that provide convenient online access to professionally certified and licensed notaries. Using these services, notaries may expedite the processing of your UA documents. In addition, the online notary service eliminates the need to visit an in-person notary and provides a secure alternative to mailing your Affidavit and CID.

Some UA participating boards WILL NOT accept electronic notaries. Please verify in advance if the participating board you are applying to requires a traditional, in-person notary.

Please visit your online Secretary of State official website or conduct an online search to locate an eNotary service.

Note: Additional fees apply and are independent of FSMB/UA Fees.

System Requirements:

Many online eNotary services require the use of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari with video and audio capabilities.


A traditional notary is accepted. Forms and specific instructions about this process may be printed from the Documents section of the Uniform Application.