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GME Closed Programs Information

The FSMB has offered the opportunity to permanently store resident records from any Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) approved programs which have closed. Additionally, a few American Osteopathic Association approved programs and other training programs have sent resident records to the FSMB. This provides a central repository for those entities requiring verification of physicians credentials. For licensing boards, employers, credentialing professionals and others, this ensures continued access of proof of postgraduate medical education training.

FSMB has worked with ACGME to address concerns about accessing residency records from programs that have closed. These records are often difficult to locate or have been destroyed. To assist frustrated physicians with obtaining residency records, participating closed GME programs have signed agreements which allow the FSMB to maintain student records indefinitely. In addition, programs confirm that records forwarded to FSMB are accurate and unchanged from the original records. FSMB has consulted with JCAHONCQA and URAC and have determined that verification of a physician's credentials from one of these closed programs stored by FSMB does meet the primary source verification requirements of each of these organizations.

ACGME agreed to allow us to post our message regarding records retention on their website. Read the full message here. If you are interested in partnering with FSMB to store closed program information, please call us at (817) 868-5162 or email us at for more information about next steps.