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Physicians and Credentialing Organizations

The FSMB maintains records for many residency programs that have closed. As the custodian of these records, FSMB can provide verification of this information for licensure, credentialing or employment and other uses as needed. All verifications are completed using the VGMET (Verification of Graduate Medical Education Training) format for credentialing verification. Paper records that need to be translated digitally, may require additional processing time.

View our list of resident training programs that have submitted records to the Federation. You may also contact us at (888) ASK-FCVS or

If you are the Physician, click here to request an official copy of your graduate medical education (GME) training record.

The one-time physician verification fee for this digitally secure, official GME verification, is $100 per program. This fee includes submission of an official primary source equivalent document to designated state medical boards. Once the request has been processed, physicians can download and keep a digital copy of your GME certification document for future licensing and training verification credential needs.

If you are a Credentialing Organization, click here to request information for a physician please complete the required information. You will be required to upload a Physician Authorization Form.

The third-party verification fee is $60 per program, for each verification destination. This fee includes a digital copy of the primary source equivalent of the training credential. This verification can be used by third parties who require this information for licensure, employment or other training verification needs, for multiple recipients.