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Grant Opportunities

FSMB Foundation Grant Programs

The FSMB Foundation is currently accepting grant requests for nonprofit project funding. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations that conduct research and education-related projects designed to improve the safety and quality of health care through effective physician licensure and regulation. Grant requests must be submitted by March 30, 2020.

Three (3) categories of grants are currently available:

1. Mini-Grants
The Foundation supports the work of some research and educational projects through “mini-grants” of up to $5,000. The grants are designed to advance smaller-scale research or educational efforts that increase awareness and understanding of trends and issues impacting the work of medical regulators in the United States.

The program provides grants of up to $5,000 to support research or education focused on such topics as physician competency, skills assessment, ethical conduct in medical practice, licensing and disciplinary issues, continuing education effectiveness, and physician workforce planning – the kinds of issues that members of state medical licensing boards routinely address in their work.

The work must be strongly relevant to medical regulation, and preference for the grants is given to researchers who plan to submit their findings for publication in academic journals, including the Journal of Medical Regulation.

2. Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Grants
The Foundation provides support for projects associated with the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact – an initiative by state medical boards to streamline the licensing process for physicians who want to practice medicine in multiple states. The purpose of the Foundation’s grant program is to support the Compact, its Commission, and state medical and osteopathic boards in their readiness to participate in the Compact.

3. General Project Grants
The Foundation provides support for educational and scientific research projects designed to expand public and medical professional knowledge and awareness of challenges impacting health care and health care regulation. Examples of topic areas funded in recent years include curbing opioid prescription abuse, encouraging public membership on medical boards, promoting faster and more efficient licensing of physicians, and most recently, raising awareness of the mental and physical health issues that can impact physician performance.

Grant Requirements

The FSMB Foundation will require applicants who are awarded funding to submit a brief narrative and financial report at the end of the funding period that summarizes their activities and accomplishments and provides a complete accounting of all expenditures made from the grant. Applicants who receive funds will receive reporting instructions to assist them in the preparation of these reports.

For a copy of the Foundation’s 2020 Grant Eligibility Guidelines & Funding Criteria, please check here.

Contact Information

Additional questions may be directed to