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FSMB Foundation Highlights

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10 Years of Research and Education Initiatives

In April 2022, the FSMB Foundation celebrated the 10th Anniversary of its annual fundraising luncheon. Since its debut in 2013, the annual luncheon has raised thousands of dollars to support Foundation activities – including its long-term efforts to address the nation’s opioid epidemic, and most recently, its funding support for the study of state responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Project Update

In March 2021, the FSMB Foundation awarded four organizations a total of $100,000 in grant funding for projects to study the way states and health systems have responded to health care impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The long-term goal of the FSMB Foundation COVID-19 grants program is to support the development and implementation of sustainable models and policies that can guide state preparedness and responses to similar emergencies in the future, as well as their capacity for recovery planning. The program also intends to promote health equity and reduce disparities in health care. The recipients of the 2021 grants include the Associated Medical Schools of New York (AMSNY), HonorHealth Foundation, Ohio Physicians Health Program (OPHP) and the Center for Connected Health and the Public Health Institute.

Grantee Spotlight

OhioPHP In 2021, FSMB Foundation grantee, the Ohio Physicians Health Program (OhioPHP), conducted a statewide assessment of lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic as it related to the impact the pandemic had on the health and well-being of healthcare professionals. As expected, the study reconfirmed that overall well-being worsened during the pandemic. To read their full report, please click here.