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The FSMB Foundation

The mission of the FSMB Foundation is to support and promote research and education initiatives that strengthen the safety and quality of health care through effective medical regulation.

At the heart of the Foundation’s mission – and what makes it unique among other health care foundations – is that it is focused on improving the long-term effectiveness and viability of the nation’s state medical board system as a means of achieving safer, higher quality health care.

By funding research and education initiatives that strengthen, support and advance the work of these boards, the FSMB Foundation contributes to the safety of patients and the quality of the care they receive.

The Foundation is supported by a generous seed endowment from the FSMB, but it operates as a separate 501c3 organization, enabling it to advance its philanthropic goals.

The spirit of “forward thinking” is at the heart of the FSMB Foundation’s work, and in recent years, it has supported projects in several key areas that strongly impact the future of medical regulation. Examples include curbing opioid prescription abuse, encouraging public membership on medical boards, promoting faster and more efficient licensing of physicians, and most recently, raising awareness of the mental and physical health issues that can impact physician performance.