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FSMB Awards

Award Descriptions and Qualifications

The Award of Merit is presented to an individual(s) in recognition of an activity or contribution that has positively impacted and strengthened the profession of medical licensure and discipline and helped enhance public protection. Any individual, whether a physician, non-physician, Fellow or Honorary Fellow may be nominated. Individuals who are not members of the FSMB also may be considered.

The Leadership Award is presented to an individual(s) in recognition of outstanding and exemplary leadership, commitment, and contribution in advancing the public good at the state medical board level. The Leadership Award may be presented to any Fellow or Honorary Fellow of the FSMB whose contributions to his or her board are believed by the Awards Committee to be in keeping with these guidelines. No Chair or former Chair of the FSMB is eligible, and no one who has served as an FSMB officer, member of the Board of Directors, or full-time staff member of the FSMB within two years of the presentation is eligible.

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual(s) in recognition of the highest level of service, commitment, and contribution to the FSMB; the advancement of the profession of medical licensure and discipline; and the strengthening and enhancement of public protection. Any individual, whether a physician, non-physician, Fellow or Honorary Fellow may be nominated. Individuals who are not members of the FSMB also may be considered. Anyone who has served as an FSMB officer, member of the Board of Directors, or member of the full-time staff within two years of the presentation is ineligible for consideration. This award may be presented posthumously.

The Lifetime Achievement Award, on rare occasions, may be presented to an individual(s) who has demonstrated extraordinary and sustained service and commitment to the field of medical licensure and discipline. Any individual, whether a physician, non-physician, Fellow, Honorary Fellow, or individuals not directly associated with the FSMB, may be considered. This unique award is bestowed infrequently as the Awards Committee may deem appropriate and is not intended to be given on an annual basis.


Award of Merit
(formerly the Special Recognition Award, then Meritorious Service Award)

 1994   Andrew Watry, MPA, North Carolina
 1996   Carole A. Smith, Oklahoma Medical
 1998   Gerald L. Summer, MD, Alabama
   John J. Ulwelling, Oregon
 1999   George M. Brown Jr., MD, Oklahoma Medical
   Salvatore N. Riggio, MD, Missouri
 2001   Bryant D. Paris, North Carolina
 2003   Dale G. Breaden, North Carolina
 2004   Janet D. Carson, JD, (Individual nonmember)
   I. Kathryn Hill, MEd, (Individual nonmember)
 2005   Mark R. Yessian, PhD, Massachusetts
   Deanna Zychowski, Wisconsin
 2007   Jordan H. Cohen, MD, District of Columbia
  John R. Gimpel, DO, MEd, (Individual nonmember)
   Peter V. Scoles, MD, (Individual nonmember)
  Gerald P. Whelan, MD, (Individual nonmember)
 2008   Guy T. Selander, MD, (Individual nonmember)
  Gerold L. Schiebler, MD, (Individual nonmember)
 2009   Larry D. Dixon, Alabama
 2010   Trent P. Pierce, MD, Arkansas
 2012   Jaime B. Garanflo, Texas
   Barbara Neuman, JD, Massachusetts
 2013  Carl F. Ameringer, PhD, JD (Individual nonmember)
 2014  H. Westley Clark, MD, JD (Individual nonmember)
  Edward S. Salsberg, MPA (Individual nonmember)
 2015   Hedy L. Chang, MS, California Medical
   Bruce F. Cullen, MD, Washington Medical
   Kenneth B. Simons, MD, Wisconsin
 2016  Kathy L. Apple, RN, MS (Individual nonmember)
   Kevin D. Bohnenblust, JD, Wyoming
  Carmen A. Catizone, DPh, MS (Individual nonmember)
   Ruth Horowitz, PhD, New York PMC
   Michael J. Kramer, Washington Medical
  Robert Lubran, MS, MPA (Individual nonmember)
 2017   Gerard F. Dillon, PhD (Individual nonmember)
   Carole V. Erickson, Montana
   William E. Gotthold, MD, Washington Medical
 2018 Alejandro Aparicio, MD, FACP (Individual nonmember)
   Laura E. Forester, JD, Illinois
  Norman B. Kahn Jr., MD (Individual nonmember)
 2019   Michael L. Farrell, JD, Washington Medical
   Vladimir Lozovskiy, JD, RN, Illinois
   Amelia Boyd, Washington Medical
 2020   Scott G. Kirby, MD, North Carolina
   Timothy E. Terranova, Maine Medical
 2021   Anne K. Lawler, JD, RN, Idaho
  Ernest E. Miller, Jr., DO, West Virginia Osteopathic
 2022  Melanie B. Blake, MD, MBA, Tennessee Medical
   Jimi Bush, MPA, Washington Medical
   Maureen S. Lathrop, Maine Medical
   Kristina D. Lawson, JD, California Medical
 2023  Brian L. Blankenship, JD, North Carolina
   Marisa Courtney, Washington Medical
   Paul W. Larson, MS (Individual nonmember)
   Barbara Prah-Wix, DO, Arizona Osteopathic
 2024  Shelly Wang Bandago, MPA, New York PMC
   Shami Goyal, MD, MMM, Illinois
   George Zachos, JD, Massachusetts

Leadership Award

 1986   George E. Sullivan, MD, Maine Medical
 1987   George J. Carroll, MD, Virginia
 1988   John W. Rupel, MD, Wisconsin
 1989   Richard M. Nunnally, MD, Wisconsin
 1990   Max C. Butler, MD, Texas
 1991   Thomas J. Scully, MD, Nevada Medical
 1992   Stuart W. Russell, MD, New Hampshire
 1993   Frank J. Morgan Jr., MD, Mississippi
 1994   J. Lee Dockery, MD, Illinois
 1995   Rendel L. Levonian, MD, California Medical
 1996   D. Clifford Burross, MD, Texas
 1997   Jo Ann N. Levitt, MD, New Mexico Medical
 1998   Gilbert Hermann, MD, Colorado
 1999   James M. Garrison, MD, Washington
 2000  L. Thompson Bowles, MD, PhD (Individual nonmember)
 2001   Edward David, MD, JD, Maine Medical
   Thomas A. Joas, MD, California Medical
   Paul M. Steingard, DO, Arizona Osteopathic
 2002   Robert S. Heidt Sr., MD, Ohio
   Marilyn B. Ward, Washington Medical
 2003   Dinesh G. Patel, MD, Massachusetts
 2004   Raymond J. Albert, Ohio
   Anand G. Garg, MD, Ohio
 2005   William H. Beeson, MD, Indiana
 2006   Ralph W. Stewart, MD, Indiana
 2007   Ansel R. Marks, MD, JD, New York PMC
 2008   Hampton W. Irwin, MD, Washington Medical
   Clarence C. Reynolds, MD, Missouri
 2009   Randy T. Kohl, MD, Nebraska
 2010   William L. Harp, MD, Virginia
 2011  Thomas R. Pickard, DO, Oklahoma Osteopathic
   Samuel L. Selinger, MD, Washington Medical
 2012   Stan T. Ingram, Esq, Mississippi
   C. William Schmidt, Kentucky
 2013   W. Eugene Musser Jr., MD, Wisconsin
 2014   Patricia A. King, MD, PhD, Vermont Medical
   Leslie M. Burger, MD, Washington Medical
 2015   Marilyn E. Pattison, MD, Washington Medical
   Irvin E. Zeitler Jr., DO, Texas
 2016   George C. Smith Sr., MD, Alabama
 2017   Richard E. Burney, MD, Michigan Medical
   Preston P. Nunnelley, MD, Kentucky
 2018  J. William (Bill) Kinsinger, MD, Oklahoma Medical (posthumously)
  C. Grant La Farge, MD, FACP, New Mexico Medical
  Janis M. Orlowski, MD, MACP, District of Columbia
 2019  Ahmed D. Faheem, MD, West Virginia Medical
   Warren B. Howe, MD, Washington Medical
 2021  George M. Abraham, MD, MPH, Massachusetts
   Keith E. Loiselle, Pennsylvania Medical
   Kevin Paul O'Connor, MS, MD, Virginia
 2022   Sherif Z. Zaafran, MD, Texas
 2023  Nicole Krishnaswami, JD, Oregon
   Robert P. Sticca, MD, FACS, North Dakota
 2024  Alexander Gross, MD, Georgia
   Ahlani Quiogue, Hawaii
   Dennis Smith, JD, Maine Medical

Distinguished Service Award

 1986   Frederick T. Merchant, MD, Ohio
 1987   Edithe J. Levit, MD, (Individual nonmember)
 1988   Ray L. Casterline, MD, Oregon
 1989   John H. Morton, MD, New York State
 1990   William E. Jacott, MD, Minnesota
 1991   David S. Citron, MD, Wyoming
 1992   Henry G. Cramblett, MD, Ohio
 1993   Bryant L. Galusha, MD, North Carolina
 1994   Anthony J. Cortese, DO, Oregon
 1995  Robert L. Volle, Ph.D. (Individual nonmember)
 1996   Melvin E. Sigel, MD, Minnesota
 1997  Barbara S. Schneidman, MD, Washington Medical
 1998   Hormoz H. Rassekh, MD, Iowa
   Kenneth C. Yohn, MD, Alabama
 1999   Gerald J. B├ęchamps, MD, Virginia
 2000   Robert E. Porter, MD, New Hampshire
 2001   Ray Q. Bumgarner, JD, Ohio
   James E. West, MD, Alabama
 2002   John T. Hinton, DO, Wyoming
   Susan M. Spaulding, Vermont Osteopathic
 2003   William H. Fleming, MD, Texas
   Stephen I. Schabel, MD, South Carolina
 2004   George C. Barrett, MD, North Carolina
   Larry D. Lessly, JD, Nevada Medical
 2005   Ronald Joseph, California Medical
  Daniel B. Kimball Jr., MD, Pennsylvania Medical
 2006   George J. Van Komen, MD, Utah Medical
 2007   Bruce W. McIntyre, JD, Rhode Island
 2008   Doris C. Brooker, MD, Minnesota
   Alan E. Shumacher, MD, California Medical
 2009  Nancy Achin Audesse, Massachusetts
   Leon C. Hamrick Sr., MD, Alabama
 2010  Gary R. Clark, Oklahoma Osteopathic
 2011  Janet D. Carson, JD (Individual nonmember)
 2012 J. William McCord Jr., DO, Tennessee Osteopathic
   Daniel W. Morrissey, OP, New Hampshire
 2013  Martin Crane, MD, Massachusetts
  Scott M. Fishman, MD (Individual nonmember)
 2014 Ellen J. Harder, PA, Washington Medical (posthumous)
 2015  Bruce H. Hasenkamp, JD, California Medical
   Jerry D. Klepner (Individual nonmember)
   Robert A. Leach, JD, Minnesota
 2016  N. Stacy Lankford, MD, Indiana
  Randal C. Manning, MBA, CMBE, Maine Medical
 2017  Freda M. Bush, MD, Mississippi
   Robert C. Knittle, MS, West Virginia Medical
  James N. Thompson, MD, (Individual nonmember)
 2018 R. David Henderson, JD, CMBE, North Carolina
  Lyle R. Kelsey, MBA, CAE, CMBE, Oklahoma Medical
   Jon V. Thomas, MD, MBA, Minnesota
 2019  Anita M. Steinbergh, DO, Ohio
 2020 Boyd R. Buser, DO, FACOFP, (Individual nonmember)
   Kathleen Haley, JD, Oregon
  Thomas J. Nasca, MD, MACP, (Individual nonmember)
  Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH, (Individual nonmember)
 2021  Donald H. Polk, DO, Tennessee Osteopathic
 2022 Capt. Robin N. Hunter Buskey, DHSc, PA-C, North Carolina
   Heidi M. Koening, MD, Kentucky
 2023  Ruth M. Martinez, MA, CMBE, Minnesota

Lifetime Achievement Award

 2000   Harold E. Jervey Jr., MD, South Carolina
 2008   George C. Barrett, MD, North Carolina
 2010   Stanley M. Aronson, MD, MPH, Rhode Island
   Milton W. Hamolsky, MD, Rhode Island
 2011   J. Lee Dockery, MD (Individual nonmember)
 2012   Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA, Alabama
 2014  Rev. O. Richard Bowyer, MDiv, ThM, West Virginia Medical
   Larry D. Dixon, Alabama
 2015  Donald E. Melnick, MD, MACP (Individual nonmember)
 2016   Janelle A. Rhyne, MD, MACP, North Carolina
 2018   Bryant L. Galusha, MD, North Carolina
 2019  Barbara S. Schneidman, MD, MPH, Washington Medical
 2022 LaSharn Hughes, MBA, Georgia (posthumous)
 2023  J. Daniel Gifford, MD, FACP, Alabama
   R. David Henderson, JD, North Carolina
 2024  Arthur Hengerer, MD, New York PMC