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Strategic Goals

  • State Medical Board Support: Serve state medical boards by promoting regulatory best practices and providing operational resources that add to their effectiveness.
  • Advocacy and Policy Leadership: Strengthen state medical regulation through impactful advocacy and policy development.
  • Engagement: Build engagement and participation with state medical boards and other state, national and international organizations and government entities, seeking and advancing shared goals and outcomes.
  • Communication: Raise awareness of the vital role of medical regulation and the work the FSMB, serving as a trusted source of information for state medical boards and the public.
  • Education: Advance understanding of key issues in medical regulation by providing targeted educational programming and resources that meet the needs of state medical boards and the public.
  • Technology and Data: Enhance the FSMB’s data integration and research capabilities, developing technology and data solutions that benefit state medical boards and promote the sharing of valuable information.
  • Organizational Strength and Excellence: Enhance the FSMB’s efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability, strengthening resources in support of its mission while sustaining a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce.